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Parts List



Part Name




Part Name






Home adaptor



Switch Cable A



Car Adaptor



Switch Cable B



Jumper starter cable with clamps



Cell Phone/tablet Connector



Laptop Connector




Technical Specification





Battery Capacity:


Out Voltage at Auto Starter end

 24V & 12V

Max Rate


USB Output  

5V 2.1/2A

Charge Mode:

CC/CV 15V 1A

Starting current:

24V/400A, 12V/300A

Peak Current:

24V/800A, 12V/500A

Cigarette lighter Output


DC Output

DC9V/12V/16V/19V  4A(can be changed)

Table Lamp:




Cycle Life:


Operating Temperature:




Start Almighty Power

Start 12V gasonline car, diesel car, 24V truch, bus, construction machinery vehicles; support hot summer and extremely cold winter

Digital Almighty Power

Charge for wide digital devices: such as laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, camera, vidicon

Lighting Almighty Power

Headlamp, SOS, Table Lamp Red alert Vehicle-mounted.

Almighty Power

Car refrigerator,  car tire pump, car cleaner, etc. 


Q: Function of V8?

A: 11 functions in 1: emergency start the car, emergency lights, alert lights, all-in-one full function products that specially researched for long journey. Its 12&24V strong start function, can supply emergency start for all kinds of gas and diesel vehicle, including big truck bus, engineering.

Q: How to use LED emergency lights 
A: Push the switch to “ON” position, press the button ● on the hand stick about 3 second to start the led torch, then press the ● again, LED function shifts to be flash, SOS. After that, press the button 3 seconds again, the LED light will be off
Q: V8 has 19V, 16V, 12V, 9V output, how to shift
A: Yes, V8 can supply different voltage output. Press the button lightly, you can shift the output voltage the LCD will show the output voltage. Different products need different voltage supply, so please check the voltage you need before use. Otherwise, it will damage your starter 
Q: how long it need to charge V8
A: It need to take 5-6hours to charge V8
Q: How to charge mobile phone, tablet, laptops?
A: Push the switch to “ON” position, press the button lightly, LCD will how output voltage. When it show: USB: 5V 2.1A, you can charge your mobile phone When 19V 3.5V you can charge your laptops 
Q: How to start cars with V8
A: When your car battery dead for unexpected reasons, it is time for V8 to show its miraculous power. Firstly, check the rest power of V8, generally it needs only 10% to start cars. Connect the battery cables of the jump start to the car battery. RED to “+” BLACK to “-“ insert the battery cable into the jump starter. Thirdly, start your cars as usual. Of cannot start at first, please wait around 10second to start again. Please make sure at least 10 seconds intervals between 2 times start. When cannot start your car, please do not attempt by force. After start successfully, please discussion the battery cable from the jump starter at first. Then disconnect the clips from the car battery. 
Q: How to use the car Electric vehicle?
A: Cigar lighter port outputs 12V, 15A current at most. During use, push the switch to “ON” position. Press the cigar lighter switch lightly, then red indication light on, the cigar lighter port can use now. 
Q: How to correctly use the V8 at low temperature?
A: When the temperature is below minus 5℃, the V8 power switch turn to “TEMP”.
Internal automatic heating system will heat it to 35℃(or insert the charger to the V8-powered heating), After hearing the alarm please turn switch to “ON” then it in normal use.
Q: if mistakenly connect the “+” “-“ port, how to prevent potential loss?
A: We have protection circuit to prevent loss. If connect reversely, the circuit will be in short, the fuse will be disconnect to prevent any potential loss or hurt. Then you can sent it to the store for repairing 
Q: How to charge V8?
A: Insert the attached Adapter into the charge port, connect the other end to 220V power or 12V/24V car charger, LCD shows  , it means in charging.
Q: How to open the lamp and the emergency lights?
A: Push the switch to “ON”, open the shell the lights will be on. Press the button lightly to shift the lighting, SOS, emergency function, close the shell, the lights will be off. Press the button long time, LED torch will be off.

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